Attitude and Skills in the New Normal Workplace (Part 2)

In my previous post, I shared that skills toward effective remote collaboration are critical in the new normal workplace. In this post, I will share the timeless attitudes that matter now more than ever. This was shared with Grade 12 students, where I was invited to speak about the Attitudes and Skills in the New Normal Workplace.

Timeless Attitudes in the New Normal Workplace


Leadership and empathy

The first attitude I shared is about leadership empathy. A wise manager taught me that we should trust that our organisation’s recruitment process can effectively screen the IQ and skills of candidates before onboarding them to the organisation. This means that there is a baseline level of competence in the organisation that we can expect. The extra factor, therefore, is EQ and empathy. Empathy is how you work with and influence other people wholeheartedly.

Curiosity to learn and adapt

What is interesting for you today may not be interesting for you in two years. Similarly, the skills and experiences needed by the market today are unlikely to be what the market needs in two years. Therefore, your ability to quickly learn and adapt from experiences and demands is absolutely critical for long term success. And the attitude to make learning adapting easier is curiosity. Are you curious enough to know and learn new things to the level of competence and detail you need to? An attitude of curiosity helps in becoming open and receptive to change.

Honesty and humility

We all know that everyone makes mistakes and that no human is perfect. But sometimes, we act like we are, or at least try to give a false image that we are better and more knowledgeable than we truly are. It takes courage to be authentic and vulnerable. This comes from a heart of humility. Don’t look down on people and treat others the respect that they deserve.

In my marriage, I often use this verse when I need to tell my wife the honest truth:

An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. ~Proverbs 24:26 NIV

This certainly helped me add romance and strengthen our relationship!

Integrity for self-motivation and focus

Your ability to self-motivate and focus when you are physically alone matters in the new normal workplace. And finding motivation is a lot more challenging in today’s new normal. I find integrity to be the main factor that helped me remain productive even when I don’t feel very motivated. My youth pastor used to tell us all the time:

Integrity is what you do when no one is looking. ~Anonymous, Christian youth pastor

While this statement was shared mainly for sin issues, it certainly applies to work.

  • Do you focus on your work when you have a clear task at hand?
  • What do you do during work hours when you don’t have anything immediate to do?
  • Worse, what do you do when you’re working on something challenging, and something that’s “easy” and “urgent” comes along?

Integrity is about setting boundaries so that you remain focused on what you need to do.

A boundary is a limit that promotes integrity and confidence to help you maintain balance and self-respect. Setting clear boundaries stops demands and intrusions from invading your space; manipulating, and disempowering you. ~How to Set Stronger Boundaries at Work by Melody Wilding

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.