Azure DevOps Extension Starter Repository

Azure DevOps is one of the best DevOps tools in the market that has task management, code repository, CI/CD, test case management, artifact repository, wiki, and dashboards built into one product. One of the key reasons that enterprises adopt this tool is its ability to help organizations with end-to-end traceability: from requirements to code, code review, automated testing (CI), release management (CD), manual testing (which most orgs still do), bug creation, and back.

Azure DevOps Extensions Starter

Azure DevOps Extensions Starter is my attempt to help the community create Azure DevOps custom extensions quickly. It is a simple combination of the top 2 references on this topic:

  1. azure-devops-extension-sample: the official samples repo using the latest Azure DevOps extensions SDK, and
  2. azure-devops-extension-hot-reload-and-debug: the current guidance on how to locally debug changes.

This starter template contains:

  • A NodeJS-TypeScript code base (v18.12.0)
  • A sample hub group with an iFrame
  • A sample custom widget, using the new SDK
  • Implementation of the Hot Reload and Debug sample
  • and my learning notes
This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.